Oi Brasil!

Bom dia / Hello! I recently had the opportunity to travel to Brazil to visit my family. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am half-Brazilian, half-American. My mother was born and raised in Brazil and came to the US when she was 18 as a high school exchange student with Rotary International. For 10 days […]

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I’m Back “Home”

Bonjour! or should I say Hello! since I’m back in the USA! I have been “home” almost 2 weeks now and it has been the strangest 2 weeks ever! The reason I put “home” in quotes is because I feel I have left a piece of my heart in every city I visited this year […]

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It’s Voting Day in France!

Bonjour mes amis! Today is a very important day in France… Voting day! I thought I’d share briefly how the process works in France, so let’s jump right in! My host mother explained to me that about 2 weeks ago, the country of France had 1 vote to choose between 11 candidates running for president. […]

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Euro Tour

36 Rotary exchange students, 11 cities, 12 days… C’est parti! Day 1: We started day one of the Euro tour bus trip in Paris, France on Easter! Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to visit all of the famous monuments but we did have time to stop at the Eiffel Tower! It was […]

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I went to the UK!

I just spent a week in the U.K. with my fellow french classmate and it was such an awesome experience! We started the trip leaving at midnight Saturday and drove all the way from Chambéry, france, passing through Luxembourg, Belgium and made our way to Amsterdam, Holland where we caught the ferry to take us […]

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Meet Zoé in South Korea

Meet Zoé, my French host sister who is spending her exchange year abroad in South Korea!   I decided to interview some of my friends who are Rotary exchange students currently studying abroad around the world, so ENJOY! Q: Why did you decide to go on exchange? / Pourquoi tu as decidé de faire une […]

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