Fromage, fromage, and more fromage: Annecy, France


It’s been a while since I last wrote something so I thought I’d talk about FROMAGE (aka- cheese!!!!) since the French absolutely love their cheese after a good meal.

My host family took me to a ‘Cheese Fair’ in Annecy (pictured below) about 2 weeks ago, where I learned a lot about a cheese called Reblochon. I think it’s my favorite cheese that I have tried since I’ve been in France! 

Reblochon 101: 

Step #1

To make this delicious cheese, you must first gather cows milk, but not any kind of cow milk! The milk must contain a high percentage of fat to turn out. 

Step #2

They then take the milk and boil it. After they put it in a mold where it can sit anywhere from 15 to 300 days! Fun fact: the longer the cheese sit, the smellier and thinner it gets. This is because as the cheese sits in a mold that sucks out all of the moisture, causing it to form into the famous Reblochon!

Step #3

After the cheese is done sitting, they throw the little wheels into a bath of salt water! And they are put into the cave where they are stored until eaten! 

Et voilà!

Now you know how some of the finest cheese in France is made! 🧀


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