A Weekend full of Traveling: Annecy, France

This weekend has been the busiest so far! It was also probably the most I’ve spoken English since I got here, too.

It started off with a Saturday morning spent in the beautiful town of Annecy. This town is known for its old architecture and clear blue lake. I enjoyed a cafe au lait and a cheese crêpe with my host parents. It was so delicious! They also had a local art/ antique market, so it was cool to see all the unique pieces!

Then we drove to St. Jorioz for the Rotary exchange student meeting. This meeting lasted from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

I got to meet exchange students from literally all over the world! There were a TON of Brazilians, Mexicans, and Americans. There were also some from Australia, Peru, Taiwan, and Lithuania, just to name a few!

Saturday night we exchanged pins from our countries, which is a Rotary tradition.  On Sunday, we went hiking in the mountains together, went sightseeing lake Annecy on a boat, and ate lots of french baguettes! It was a weekend well spent!!




1 thought on “A Weekend full of Traveling: Annecy, France”

  1. I am so proud of you Amanda! AND I am proud that you are surrounded by such wonderfully motivated globally minded young men and women with you overseas! ALL OF YOU WILL CHANGE OUR WORLD FOR THE BETTER!

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