Things the French Say pt. 2

It’s about that time of the year where exchange students around the world are FINALLY starting to understand the language in their host country… this is the best feeling in the world… so I thought I’d share some of the common words my Frenchies have taught me!


This word is used SO MUCH and I had no idea what it meant until about 2 weeks ago. It means ‘serious’ or ‘seriously.’ For example, French teens are always saying ‘C’est grave bon!’ which means, ‘It’s seriously so good.’

C’est pas grave:

literal translation= ‘its not serious’ but it better translates to ‘it’s no big deal.’

N’importe quoi:

literal translation= ‘not important’ but the French use it as ‘whatever.’

‘Quoi de neuf?’:

This is a quick way to say ’What’s up?’


literal translation= ‘good hour’, but the French use it as ‘Happiness.’ I think this word is a large part of the culture in France, I see it all the time on advertisements, on the radio, etc.

Ça me soule:

this phrase is for when you are waiting for your bus that is 10 minutes late, it means ‘This is bothering me!’


instead of telling someone every tiny detail of what you did today, you can say ‘bref’ which means ‘in short’

Laisser Tomber:

literal translation= ‘let it fall’, but it also translates ‘Forget it!’

C’est Drôle:

This phrase in itself makes me laugh because I think its a funny word which is funny because it actually means ‘funny.’

C’est une blague:

This phrase means ‘Its a joke!’ The French love to joke, especially my host sister Violette

P.S. If you ever want to say LOL in French, it is MDR (mort de rire) which means dying of laughter!


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