French Cafés: Chambéry, France

Salut! // Hello!

I just experienced some pretty awesome French culture today and I thought I’d share it with everyone back home!

This Saturday was a cold and rainy day and on days like these, everyone goes to a café in the city to have a warm drink! My host family took me to the cutest coffee shop! It was called, La Maison de Savoie, which translates to The House of Savoie (Savoie is the name of the region where I am living). My host family explained to me that in cafes in France, you can order a normal café or thé (tea) or you can splurge a little and order a café gourmand or thé gourmand. Gourmand simply means that your drink comes with a dessert! So of course I had to order a café gourmand because you don’t find those in Canton, Ohio! It was served on a cute little tray with a variety of desserts (tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and some kind of strawberry delight- I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it was good!)

So now you know if you ever come to France, you have to order a gourmand drink at least once!! 😉





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