7 meses na França

É oficial! Eu estou aqui na França já tem 7 meses! O tempo passa muito rápido, eu não posso acreditar que só tem mais 3 meses restante do meu intercâmbio! Esse ano foi muito difícil pra mim mas eu aprendi muitas coisas e estou agradecida por essa oportunidade, uma experiência incrível que eu não teria […]

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HELLO. OI. HOLA. CIAO. GUTEN TAG. HALLO. NAMASTE. NI HAO. KONNICHIWA. SALUT. This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in an international culture fair, right here in Chambéry a.k.a. Tour du Monde au Manège representing the United States of America along with people from 40 other countries around the world! This year, the country of honor […]

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Paris / Barcelona Bus Trip

Hola amigos! I created a youtube channel where I’ll be posting videos of cool events I got to participate in, like this bus trip! Click on it to watch! 🙂 I had the amazing opportunity to go a bus trip with 38 other exchange students from the Rhône-Alpes region of France. We traveled from Paris, […]

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6 mois en France

Happy 6 months to meee! I can’t believe today marks 6 months since I stepped off the plane in France! To celebrate, I spent the day in Lyon with my host family. We went to see the Henri Matisse exposition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts. It was such a beautiful exposition, I even got to […]

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10 Things the French Do

Being that I am half way through my exchange year, I though I’d share a few of the things I have picked up from the French culture. Enjoy!      1. La Bise 💋 This is like a handshake in the U.S. except in France you do it to all of your friends and family, […]

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A New Start

Bonjour fellow readers! I hope everything is going well, wherever you may be in the world! Lots of exciting things have been happening this month! Just about 2 weeks ago I switched host families! I now live with the most adorable family in a very nice house about 5 minutes, by bus, from the city of […]

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