Only Lyon

Did you know…

Lyon is the second largest city in France? That’s right, 495,000 people live in Lyon and 6 million people visit the city each year (The Local).

My adorable host mother and sister took me to Lyon for the day and I have to say, it is such a beautiful city!! We spent the whole day walking the streets (6 miles total), shopping, and eating french pastries. I even started speaking in French too, so it was a very good day!!

The city of Lyon has 2 sections split up by the la Saône (the river) that runs through the it- the ‘old’ Lyon, where the streets are filled with beautiful gothic architecture and the ‘new’ Lyon, where most of the shopping and restaurants are. I would say Lyon is much less crowded and calmer compared to Paris however, they are both great tourist cities. While walking the streets, I happened to pass a few people speaking English (both American & British) along with other languages like Italian and what sounded like German.

One thing that stuck out to me was how much American influence there is in the city of Lyon. You can find American music playing in the stores, signs in English on the streets and in shops, and of course there are many French people who speak English very well. Actually, my host family and I were in a store and the owner asked where I was from, and of course I said I was from the US, and he started singing the national anthem. The French really like the US!! 😂 It amazes me every time that even though I am in a foreign country, I am still surrounded with American influence everyday!

Merci Pascale et Violette pour une journée fantastique! 💕


1 thought on “Only Lyon”

  1. Bon jour, Mademoiselle Amanda!

    It is always a pleasure to read your travel-blog! I agree about your observation of Lyon (which was once an English (Richard I & Eleanor of Aquitaine) holding) it does have a VERY American’esque vibe to it, though the city’s architecture is unmistakably French! I am so proud that you are using your world language skills and becoming more comfortable when talking with people! Love the pictures – and it always great to see everybody smiling:) We miss you in JAGS land, and send our love to you!

    Take care!
    -Ms. Stone


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