WHAT… 10 days to departure?!

It seems like just yesterday my countdown app said 398 days till France 😂 

Anyway, It’s a busy time of the year! Exchange students all across the world are preparing to leave their family and friends for a year that will change their life forever! I, myself will be leaving in exactly 1o days from today! Here’s how I’m preparing for my year abroad.

1.Learn French!!      

This is the most important (and hardest) part of preparing for exchange! I’ve been studying French for 1 year but I’m not near being fluent. My goal is to be fluent by the end of my exchange year. 

 2. Packing

The second hardest part of preparing for exchange. I would really love to bring my entire closet with me to France however, I am only allowed one suitcase filled up to 50 lbs. That explains why I’m not done packing yet… Decisions, decisions 😉

3. Flight and Visa

I have recently received all the details for my flight and my visa! I am officially ready to leave the U.S!

4. My (AMAZING) host family & Rotary Club in France 

I have been in contact with my first host family since the end of May. They seem like very nice people and I can’t wait to meet them! Zoé, their oldest daughter leaves 3 days after I arrive (for her exchange year in South Korea), so I’m very excited to meet her because we have been talking about exciting things we are going to do as soon as I arrive in Lyon! 

Also, my rotary club in France has already done so much to welcome us students before we arrive! I feel like this district is going to be a true ‘family.’

5. My Friends, Rotary Club, & Family in the US

Ok… Maybe this is the hardest part of exchange. I am already starting to feel sad that I have to leave all my friends, teammates, classmates and family, but I’m looking forward to all the new people I will meet during my year abroad!

And I couldn’t forget to mention my Rotary Club! District 6650 has been a huge help in making my dream become a reality. None of this would be possible without the support of my Rotary club! 

A bientôt France!


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