It’s Voting Day in France!

Bonjour mes amis!

Today is a very important day in France… Voting day! I thought I’d share briefly how the process works in France, so let’s jump right in!

My host mother explained to me that about 2 weeks ago, the country of France had 1 vote to choose between 11 candidates running for president. They then narrowed their choices down to 2: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, and today was the day to vote for one of these two candidates.

Pic french

Since today is election day, my host family invited me to go with them to see how they vote! I have never voted in the United States, so I didn’t know what to expect. In France, there are 2 papers, each of which have the Candidate’s name on it. You take 1 envelope and head to a voting booth where you choose to put one of the papers with the name of who you wish to vote for, inside of the envelope. Once you have decided, you take the closed envelope with the name inside and put it inside of a clear box with all of the other votes. You must also have your electoral card and your I.D. in order to vote. This process stops at 7pm, and around 10pm the whole country will know who their next president is!

vote fr

One thing I found interesting is that when they count the votes, after 7pm, it is open to the public, so anyone can come and watch the officials count the votes!

To be updated with the next president of the Republic of France!…

Emmanuel Macron

Macron pres


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