New People

A New Start

Bonjour fellow readers! I hope everything is going well, wherever you may be in the world!

Lots of exciting things have been happening this month! Just about 2 weeks ago I switched host families! I now live with the most adorable family in a very nice house about 5 minutes, by bus, from the city of Chambéry! I have a younger brother (15 years old) who plays tennis just like me, and two older sisters (19 and 22 years old) who like DIY projects as much as me, and a lovely host mother and father! I’ve been getting along great here in my new home, its crazy to think that I only have 4.5 more months left! I have been able to practice speaking French much more here because my host mother works from home and I now have more siblings! I still make lots of mistakes when trying to speak, but at least I can get my point across. lol!

This past weekend, my host family took me to their extended family’s house near Lyon where we spent all of Saturday and Sunday! We celebrated the ‘Chandeleur’ which is a French holiday on February 2nd where they eat crêpes, 40 days after Christmas. Honestly, I don’t really understand why they do this every year but I’m not complaining because I got to eat some really delicious crêpes!

In France there are 2 types of crêpes: savory and sweet.

Savory crêpes are normally served with:

-white cheese sauce




-a variety of sliced cheeses

-smoked salmon


I think you get the point, you can basically throw whatever you like on a crêpe and its delish!

…and for the sweet crêpes (my favorite):

-Nutella: a popular topping amongst the French

-chestnut spread

-whipped cream

-fruits: strawberries, apple sauce, blueberries, etc.

-a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice

-caramel spread: My host sister made a caramel spread for the crêpe dinner and I fell in love with it omg! It originates from Bretagne a.k.a. ‘Brittany,’ famously known for their crêpes. The caramel spread just happens to be one of the original crêpe recipes! My host sister taught me how to make it, so I’m planning to make these famous crêpes for my friends and family as soon as I get home!

The rest of the weekend I socialized with the family, practicing my French by playing board games and watching movies! It was a great weekend with my new host family!





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