Blast from the Past: Crémieu, France

It has officially been 2 months since I arrived in France and I’m loving every minute of my time here!

I am currently on fall break for 2 whole weeks(!) so my host sister and I went to our cousin’s house who lives about 1 hour from Chambéry, for the weekend. It’s a small village 25 miles away from Lyon called Crémieu. This town is very special because it was established in the 12th century, it has a very medieval feeling to it. I got to see the oldest house in the city, a couple castles, and an abandoned chapel which was pretty creepy, but cool. We even made a pumpkin pie!

My comprehension of French is getting 100x better although it’s still difficult for me to put sentences together, but that’s ok because I still have 8 more months in this amazing country!



2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Crémieu, France

  1. cindy287m says:

    Mon Cherie,
    How I look forward to all your posts and all the wonderful things that you are doing in this beautiful country. Your fellow Frenchman have really embraced this American. What a good ambassador you are for the US.
    This is how understanding and tolerance of each other is started.
    Let’s keep this going.

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