My Guarantee Form Has Arrived!

UPDATE: I just received my guarantee form last week!! This is MAJOR news! It guarantees my stay in France for 10 months! This form contains all the necessary information for my exchange year! My favorite part being my host families, I will have 2 as of right now. For my first family, I will have a mother (Pascale), a father (Jean-Charles) a sister (21) Lea, another sister (16) Zoe but she is leaving to be an exchange student in South Korea, and a little sister (13) Violette! She’s the same age as my little sister, Isabella so I’m sure we’ll get along great!! 😉 And Kenny, who is Zoe’s friend from school offered to be my ‘guide’ at school, which I am so grateful for!! I’ve had a lot of questions about school and she has been a huge help!

For my second family , I will have a host-mother, a host-father, another sister named Lea (21), Anna (19) , Juliette (16) but she will be studying in Taiwan for her exchange year, and a little brother Theo (14) who plays tennis!!!!

I am so excited to meet them!

I will update soon with more info as it comes!

43 days until I leave for FRANCE!


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